จอในตัว 10Z7 (0.5~10A), External CT 1200A,
ZCT 200mA/1.5mA
Control power 85~260VAC, 50/60Hz

Digital Over current Motor Protection Relay/Panel Flush Mounting Type
*Converter + Meter with RUN(ON)/STOP(OFF) SW, 5 digit window
*Convenient selection for control position : Logic key/RCS↔MCC(Meter)
-MCC : motor start/stop is executed by RUN-STOP key
-RCS : motor start/stop is executed by external auto device
*4E Class Protection Level
-Over/Under Current,Phase Loss,Reverse Phase,
-Current Unbalance,Locked Rotor,Ground Fault
*T-I characteristic to protect over current:definite or inverse
*Basic type:matched with external ZCT, Optional type:ZCT Embeded/External CT type is not available
*Stable operation in various frequency environment
*Correct indication based on RMS value
*Wide application for ZCT rating to sense zero phase sequence current
*Alarm for ZCT disconnection with converter in motor stop state

Note : Protection relay should be installed in the secondary part of Inverter.


Efficient Operation

  • Convenient seperated presetting menu to be committed with field working condition
    • Main menu :to do main job
    • Cab menu(calibration menu):adjustable for indicating value within narrow range(+,- 50%)/this menu is appeared when “SET” key is pressed for 5 sec or more and disappeared right after pressing again
  • To indicate a necessary information in every 3 sec
    • Basic factor circulating indication:3 phase current,GR/Zero phase current,load factor
    • Pssible to fix one of circulated factor or to release:one touch by “CLR” key
    • Possible to check preset value during operation:by pressing “SET” key /to show mode and preset value alternatively/press “CLR” key to see next mode/return to normal operating state without touching a key for 10 sec or press both “SET” and “CLR” key/not possible to preset value
    • To show load factor(actual/setting)/65%~100%
  • Alarm before actual trip caused by OC
  • To secure a safety: Password input for setting a data
  • To call initialized factory setting value:pressing “SET” key for 3 sec or more after power-on.
  • To keep a stable operation under various frequency environment:30 Hz~300Hz

Higher Preceision Function

  • Correct current value based on True RMS
  • To act as actual complexed meter:3 phase current,zero phase current/GR
  • To cover various current range:OC,GR
    • 10 Type:0.5A ~10A
    • 70 Type :5A ~ 70A
    • With external CT:1A~1200A
    • GR:50mA~2A
  • Main /1c(SPDT):95-96-98
  • AUX :1c(SPDT):05-06-08
  • Self-diagonostics:main trip output is tripped after counting down o-time in definite T-I
ITEM Description remarks
Over Current d-time:1~300 sec,
o-time:1~60 sec/definite,5~30 class/inverse
Trip is done if the current greater than presetting
value is kept over preset O-time
Under Current 0.5~30 sec/definite Trip is done if the load current smaller than presetting value is kept over preset u-time
Unbalance 8 sec * Trip is done if the presetting current unbalance rate is kept over 8 sec
* rate=[(max. curr.- min. curr.)/max. curr.]* 100 [100%]
Locked Rotor d-time + o.1 sec Trip is done if 300% current greater than preset “oc”
is kept for d-time plus 0.1 sec
Ground Fault Edt:1~25 sec,
Eot:1~30 sec
Trip is done if a current greater than presetting zero phase current
is kept for Eot(earth operating time
Phase Loss 1~5 sec If phase loss is happened ,auto reset is not possible,but manual reset
0.5 sec If reverse phase is happened ,auto reset is not possible,but manual reset
3 phase
Current of each
Indicated in every 3 sec
Ground fault
Zero phase sequence
Indicated after showing L1,L2,L3 with every 3 sec interval
Pre-alarm 3 LED(L1,L2,L3) is
flickering together
Alarmed if % rate for actual operating value to preset value is greater
than preset % rate for 3 sec
AOL dwg diagram signle line

AOL dwg diagram signle line


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