Motor Protection Relay with DC500V Insulation resistance Measurement
รีเลย์ป้องกันมอเตอร์ขั้นสูง มีฟังชั่นวัดอุณหภูมิ และวัดค่าความเป็นฉนวน

**NEP(New Excellent Product) approved by Government(NEP-MKE-2009-032)**
** Motor Stopping:Insulation Tester, Motor Working:Protection Relay**
*Panel Flush Mounting Type:Converter,Display meter,Communication Module
*Protection:Over/Under Current,Ground fault,Over Temp,Shock,Locked Rotor,Phase Loss,Reverse Phase
*Indication:A,GR,TEMP,Insulation resistance(Line-earth),working time,Number of ON-OFF/MC
*Measuring range for Insulation Resiatance:0.1MOhm ~ 500MOhm/500VDC
*Alarm before trip:65~100% of “OC”
*Additional Function:RS 422/485,232,,Shut down delay timer & Delay on-make timer
*Pre-maintenance:Able to preset alarm point/O,U curr.GF,Temp,Shock(Stall),Number of MC ON-OFF,MOTOR working time,
* Particulary Useful for process control and pre-maintenance as presetting various alarm factor


Easy Handling

  • to realize convenient & various data input
    • Display Meter
    • Loader
    • Note Book PC
  • Main/Sub/Cab Menu :three seperated menu according to usage and data input frequency
    • Main menu :Data input frequency is rather higher
    • Sub menu : ratherly common application for all kind of motor
    • Cab menu(calibration menu):adjustable for indicating value within narrow range(+,- 12.7%)/this menu is appeared when “SET” key is pressed for 5 sec or more and disappeared right after pressing again
  • Back lit display:easy handling in dark space of the panel
  • Measurement and Indication for Insulation resistance during motor stop state
    • How to check motor stop state:followed condition must be satisfied at same time
      • To keep close state of P1-P2 from Aux output(b)of Contactor
      • To keep close state of M1-M2 from state output(b) of MCCB
      • Any current greater than 0.2A is not sensed by converter
      • The state of Logic input #1 keeps low:available for LOP
    • How to measure insulation resistance between line connected to motor and earth
      • Whenever the control power is powered on after powered off,the latest measured value is appeared,but if the latest value is smaller than preset value,a character of the appeared value will be flickered.
      • In case the control power is powered on,the order of display is like “latest measured value>>ti-n0(if Pt100 temperature sensor is not connected)>> Ec-ct(if ZCT is not connected)>>stnby, then the actual measurement with the times of preset number (“rE-nb” mode) is done after preset measurement interval time(“rECOd” mode) has elapsed
      • Preset for measurement interval:0.1min(6sec)~3000min/if scheduled masuring time is in the mid of motor operation,measuring action is neglected
      • The normal process is going on as showing “t1-nO” in case the temperature sensor is not connected,but iin case Ec-ct” is shown,the normal process can not going further,so operator need to confirm this fact.
      • In anytime,operator can command the measurement action by pressing “SET” key twice continuously during motor stop state, then VIP starts to measure the resistance after 5 sec without concerning with measuring interval time. This function will be available for starting motor again after long term pause.
      • If “Stnby” is appeared after preset interval time from motor stop state,then measuring action is executing after preset measurement interval time from a point of “Stnby” appearance,also while “stnby” is shown and motor working state,any command concerened with resistance measurement and motor protection is not available
      • Preset for measurement interval:0.1min(6 sec)~3000min from initial motor stop /if scheduled masuring time is in the mid of motor operation, measuring action is neglected
      • Measuring range:0.1MOhm~500MOhm
      • Allowable tolerence:R < = 1M:±0.05 M, 1M < R < = 50M:±5%, 50M < R < = 200M: ±10%, 200M < R < 500M:available range
    • To indicate measured insulation resitance
      • The latest measured value among 8 events is indicated during motor stop
      • The rest of 7 events is checked by pressing “UP,”DN” key as shown the number of turned-on LED in round bar grapgh position
      • “None” is appeared if there is no more measurements under 8 events.
      • “Ir-Ps” is appeared in case the value greater than 500MOhm is measured, it means line state is normal/neverthless, need to check the disconnection of line to input “L-E ” and the openning between M1-M2
      • “Ir-0.0” is flickering in case the measured value is under 50 KOhm
    • Execution not to start motor
      • In case the latest measured value is lower than preset value/measured value is flickeing/To start motor,enter into “IrAL” mode by pressing “SET” key,then preset “OFF” or lower level than the latest value
      • In case of openning state between P1-P2( Aux output “b” from Main contactor) /”OPEn” is flickering
    • Indication according to openning for M1-M2(MCCB)
      • “Ir-Ps” is appeared after showing “Stnby” ,but Motor start is possible,so connect “b” output from MCCB into M1-M2 or make short state between M1-M2 to clear this indication
    • Alarm for “Ir” through 07-08-10 is available in case “Ir” is preset in “Au-o” mode
  • To indicate a necessary information in every 3 sec
    • Basic factor circulating indication:3 phase current,GR current/”OFF” must be set in “rota” mode
    • Basic Factor + insulation resistance,temp(Pt),AWT(Accumulated working Time)/”ON” must be set in “rota” mode/Possible to fix one of circulated factor or to release:one touch for “CLR” key
    • Possible to check presetting value during operation / “SET” & “MODE” key / Mode and value is shown alternatively / return to operating state without input for 10 sec or pressing “Mode” key / not possible to preset value
    • To show load factor(actual/setting)/65%~100%,Round type
  • Alarm before trip : Alarm to OC ,65%~100%
  • To secure a safety: Password input for setting a data
  • ON-OFF switch:to save wiring and labor inside panel
  • Convenient installation:65 Phi circle or rectangular hole/Display Meter
  • To indicate tripped number of main contactor:contributing to check a replacing term and effective maintenance
  • To call initialized factory setting value:pressing test button before power-on and keeping a press for 3 sec after power-on.
  • To keep a stable operation under frequency variation of inverter:10 Hz~400Hz

Multi-complexed Function

  • Multi-complexed protection relay based on Current and temperature
  • To indicate RMS value/Current:RMS chip adopted in every input/to contribute to check an exact condition of motor
  • Provides actual meter function:current,temperature,insulation tester
    • Current Meter:High preceision
    • Temperature Meter:0 ~150 degree C
    • Insulation resitance measurement:0.1MOhm~500MOhm
    • Auto range:to indicate decimal point in conjunction with “K/Test” LED in Loader and DM
  • To cover a wide current range
    • 70 Type : 0.2 ~70A/ 0.2A~6A with an external CT(“5t” must be selected in “cto”mode)
    • With external CT:0.5A ~ 3600A
  • To be acceptable for various rating of ZCT:200/1.5mA or 200/100mV,selectable in DIP SW
  • Alarm to disconnection with ZCT:In case ZCT is not connected with Z1,Z2 of the converter after the control power is on before starting,Starting is not possible/ “Off” in “Ec” mode to clear alarm.
  • Temperature arising protection of case,winding of motor:sensed by PT100
    • Not posible to start under keeping over temperature than preset value
    • if PT100 is not connected before starting, alarm message is coming out and not allow to start.
    • Above all condition can be clear as making temperature mode disable.
  • Various and multiple output of Main and Aux internal relay
  • Main / 1a-1b(05-06,M-C)
  • AUX : 1C X 1 / 07-08-10 :acts same as main trip or one of ShocEc/Uc/Shoc/AL/tEP/Ir/Ec-tE-AL selected in “Au-o” mode
  • To memoize latest number of 8 tripped cause:to contribute analysing trouble cause and keeping a data after power-off
  • Main contactor Auto Close:in case a line power is “ON” again within a preset time(SDDT) after a line power is “OFF” during a normal operation,main contactor is closed automatically after another preset time(DOMT)
  • Shut Down delay Time:1~5 sec/Adjustable
  • Delay On make Time:0(Instant)~25sec/Adjustable 5 sec unit
  • Expression in mode:eg/2-3:in case power is “on” within 2 sec after power-off,motor restarts after 15 sec(3 is matched with 15 sec) from instant of power-on.
  • Self-diagonostics:main trip output is tripped after counting down o-time of definite T-I or a time of 550% to “OC” Inverse T-I

Remote Control through RS 485/422 Digital Communication

  • Basically 4~20mA Output:max curremnt of 3 phase/VIP-RTM Type
  • To realize effective system for digital communication:posible to combine a module simply if neccessary
  • To response for RS 485/422, Modbus
  • To select one of RS485 and 422:Simply selectable in DIP SW inside communication module
  • To put easily termination resistance in extreme end unit:Simply selectable in DIP SW inside communication module
  • To monitor and input a data in the field:Note PC converter<>in DSP

Function List

Function DSP-VIP-RTL DSP-VIP-RTM remark
Converter +
Converter +D.
Protection Over Current
Under Current
Phase Loss by load current
Reverse phase by load current
Current Unbalance
Locked Rotor
Ground fault
Over temperature
Indication Load current
Insulation resistance/Line-Earth
Ground Fault Current
Accumulated working time
Load factor/bar graph
Auxiliary Alarm before trip
Main Contactor Auto Close
Communication 4~20mA × ×
RS 485/422-Modbus × ×
Interface with Note PC × ×

Technical Specification

Division Description
Current setting range 03 Type 0.2 ~ 3A
10 Type 0.5 ~ 15A
70 Type 10 ~ 70A
With external CT refer Table
Ground fault setting range Zero phase current 10mA~10A
Time setting Starting delay time(dt) OFF, 0.1~300 sec/def
over current trip delay time(ot) 0.1~60sec/def, 5~30class/Inv :refer T-I curve
under current trip delay time(ut) 0.1~30sec/def
Shock/Stall trip delay time(st) 0.1~3sec/def
ground fault starting delay time(Edt) OFF, 0.1~10sec/def
ground fault trip delay time(Eot) * 0.1~30sec/def
* 1~10 Class/Inv:refer T-I curve
main contactor auto close: time/Instant or
time delay starting
– OFF : Disable
– SDDT:1~5 sec/DOMT:0(instant)-25 sec,adjustable
Allowable tolerance
Current C <= 2A : 0.1A, C > 2A : ±5%
Time t <= 2 sec : ±0.1 sec, t > 2 sec : ±5%
Insulance resistance +,-10%/500VDC,0.1MOhm~500MOhm
Control power *AC 85V~AC260V,50/60Hz (DC120V~DC370V)
Trip output 05-06,C-M 1a-1b(SPDT), 3A/Resistive
Aux 1C(1-SPDT),3A/Resistive
(Possible to transfer into 2nd alarm/lower alarm to “OC”)
GR 1C(1-SPDT),3A/Resistive(In “Au-o” mode,AUX output
must be set “GR”
Application Environment Temperature Operating: -25℃ ~ + 70℃
Storage : -40℃ ~ + 80℃
Relative humidity 30 ~ 85%, non-condensing
Current tollerance against changeable frequency in Inverter Avg,+,-3%,10㎐ ~ 400㎐
Max Conductor Size 25sq
Insulation Resistence Circuit-case,10Mohm or more, 500VDC
High Voltage Insulation Test *Circuit-Case: AC 2000V, 60㎐, 1 min
*Contact-Contact: AC 1000V, 60㎐, 1 min
Logic Input *220VAC:150∼260VAC,50/60Hz( 220∼370VDC)/Standard*110VAC:75∼150VAC,50/60Hz(110∼220VDC)/Optional
Screw torque Max 0.6 N.m
Frame:IEC/EN 60695-2-12 650℃
Shock:IEC/EN 60068-2-27 1/2 sine wave, 15g / 11ms
Vibration:IEC/EN 60068-2-6 5~300㎐, 4 g with Plate,1 g with rail
trip Output:IEC/EN 60947-1 690V
Dielectric Strength:IEC/EN 60947- AC 100~240V,input,output
4-1 Contact : 4㎸, Air:8㎸
Electrostatic Discharge:
IEC/EN 61000-4-2
Air : Level 3, 8㎸
Contact: Level 3, 6㎸
Radiated Electromagnetic Field
Disturbance :
IEC/EN 61000-4-3
Level 3, 10V/m
Electric Fast Transient Burst :
IEC/EN 61000-4-4
Power,relay output: Level 4, 4㎸
others : Level 3, 2㎸
:IEC/EN 61000-4-5
Relay output: 1.2×50uS, 2㎸(0。, 90。, 180。, 270。)
Physical feature 2 wire RS 485/4 wire RS 422
Address 1~255
Speed 2.4 kbps ~ 38.4 kbps
wiring connection * Input/Out : RJ 45 and/or Screw Terminal
* RJ45 and Scrw Terminal(5P) is commoned phisically
Terminal resistance * DIP S/W selection/200Ω
* Actually:220 +220→440//390 =>206 Ohm
cable Sheathed cable, 2 Pair/4 Pair
Current Loop Communication maximum value in 3 phase current/RTM type
Consuming Power 10W max


Item Description remarks
Over Current Trip is done if the current greater than presetting value
is kept over preset O-time
Under Current Trip is done if the load current smaller than presetting value
is kept over preset u-time
Unbalance * trip is done if the presetting current unbalance rate is kept over 8 sec
* rate=[(max. curr.- min. curr.)/max. curr.]
* 100 [100%]
Locked Rotor trip is done if 300% current greater than preset “oc”
is kept for d-time plus 0.1 sec
Shock/Stall * trip is done if a current greater than presetting value during working
is happened for presetting time
* Presetting range:180% ~ 700%
*Available for 10 type and 70 typetype,but upper limit for 70 type
is based on [(240/OC setting value)*100][%]}
,if greater than 700%, assumed 700%
Ground Fault trip is done if a current greater than presetting zero phase current
is kept for Eot(earth operating time)
DIP SW Selection/ZCT rating:200㎃/1.5㎃
or 200㎃/100mV
Over Temperature P trip is done if temperature sensed by PT 100 greater than presetting value
is kept over 8 sec
Phase Loss
by load current
* This protection is identified by load current within 0.1 sec
* “OFF” is posible in the mode
* If phase loss is happened ,auto reset is not possible,but manual reset
Reverse Phase
by load current
*This protection is identified by load current within 0.5 sec
* “OFF” is possible in the mode
* If reverse phase is happened ,auto reset is not possible,but manual res
Main contactor Auto Close *In case a line power is “on” again within presetting time(SDDT)
after a line power is “off”,main contactor is closed automatically after another presetting time(DOMT)
* SDDT:1~5 sec/DOMT:0(instant)~25sec/adjustable in 5 sec unit
eg.:if 2-3 is presetted,in case power is “on” within 2 sec after power-off,motor starts after 15 sec(3 is matched with 15 sec)


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